Bernanke To CFR: New Financial Authority Is Needed

Steve Watson
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has told an elite gathering that a new overarching financial authority should be created by the government and empowered with sweeping new regulatory responsibilities.

Bernanke also coyly indicted to the renowned globalist group that he believes a new international order could be fomented out of the crisis.

“We must have a strategy that regulates the financial system as a whole, in a holistic way, not just its individual components,” Bernanke said in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

“We should consider whether the creation of an authority specifically charged with monitoring and addressing systemic risks would help protect the system from financial crises like the one we are currently experiencing.” he added.

Large firms will require “especially close” oversight in the future, Bernanke noted, adding that regulators need the authority to seize such firms.

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Collapse of Argentina’s Economy

I saw these videos on another bloggers site.  I was shocked by them and couldn’t believe what I was seeing and how much their collapse mirrors ours.  I fear that our fate is like that of Argentia.  This is only 3 of 12, and is a must watch.  I hope it wakes you up!

Could St. Louis lose its Catholic hospitals under new federal abortion legislation?


A proposed bill promising major changes in the U.S. abortion landscape has Roman Catholic bishops threatening to close Catholic hospitals if the Democratic Congress and White House make it law.

The Freedom of Choice Act failed to get out of subcommittee in 2004, but its sponsor is poised to refile it now that former Senate co-sponsor Barack Obama occupies the Oval Office. A spokesman for Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said the legislation “is among the congressman’s priorities. We expect to reintroduce it sooner rather than later.” FOCA, as the bill is known, would make federal law out of the abortion protections established in 1973 by the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade ruling.

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White House nightlife under investigation ‘This party atmosphere sends the wrong message’

Posted: March 07, 2009
12:20 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Super Bowl party at White House

(White House photo)

An organization that serves as a watchdog on the U.S. government for American taxpayers has launched a campaign to uncover exactly how much tax money is being spent on parties at the Obama White House.

The president has shown a penchant for lavish galas, such as the huge assembly orchestrated in Denver when he accepted his party’s nomination for president – an outdoor gathering for some 75,000 featuring a stage with Greek columns. He also held a multimillion-dollar victory celebration in Chicago, and his fancy inauguration cost an estimated $170 million, according to ABC News.

Now, Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, told WND today he’s seeking information about the partying in the White House since the Obamas moved in.

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City: American flag OK, but Constitution illegal Businessman fined $500 a day for displaying Bill of Rights, artwork

Posted: March 04, 2009
8:59 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

Herb Quintero says a mural of marine life on his store is artwork, not a sign, and he’s now suing Clearwater, Fla. He has since posted a banner of the First Amendment over the game fish. (courtesy Tampa Tribune)

CLEARWATER, Fla. – City officials here apparently don’t have a problem with flying the American flag, but posting the text of the U.S. Constitution is a very different story.

A federal judge is now deciding if government officials are going overboard in fining a Florida bait and tackle shop owner $500 a day for displaying the First Amendment atop a mural of marine life on his building.

U.S. Magistrate Elizabeth Jenkins today heard initial arguments in a federal lawsuit as the American Civil Liberties Union is seeking an injunction to stop the city of Clearwater from fining businessman Herb Quintero.

Under questioning by Quintero’s team, the city’s lone witness, Planning Director Michael Delk, was forced to admit that if the business had posted a U.S. flag instead of a First Amendment banner, it’s likely the Quintero family would not have been cited for violating the sign code

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Ones Without a Voice

I was talking with someone today and they mentioned how people feel like they don’t have a way to voice their opinions and views. That got me thinking through out the day that maybe they are correct to their perspective. We vote, yet nothing happens. We speak out against the powers that be, yet their actions stay on the same path even after the lies of change. It makes sense to me that many people in our society are having major depression and sever anxiety attacks. People are loosing money in their 401k, the stock market is on a collision course with plummeting this country in a huge recession, counrties are waging war, and many are loosing their homes. I too feel these burdens and at times catch myself looking at the future in despair, yet I am encouraged because I know the one who is in control.

I want to encourage you and let you know that there is someone out there listening and keeping up with your problems and needs. When you feel like all things are lost, keep your eyes off the ground and point them at the sky. Thank Him because He will restore it all. Remember that you do have a voice!

Shocking perversion of Romans 13 claims that pro-abortion Obama is “God’s minister”

Church Document Encourages Congregation To Obey Government 040309top

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A shocking document has come to light from a church in Ohio which educates its congregation that Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God and that Obama himself is “God’s minister,” in another perversion of Romans 13, the bible verse cited as an excuse for Christians not to oppose tyranny.

Ohio District Superintendent Rev. John Wooton was responsible for distributing the pamphlet, which was handed out at the Assembly of God church in Ohio, according to a reader who forwarded the document to us. Click here for the PDF file.

“This was handed out at the Assembly of God church that my fiance and I used to attend. We immediately stopped attending after getting this flier about ’submitting to Obama and the government,’ states the reader.

“The pastor even brought children to the front of the church, encouraging them to submit to teachers, firemen, and the police. It was insane.”

“I confronted the pastor about his stance on Romans 13, a year prior, and he assured me that he would never sell out his church. This sermon was given on the immediate Sunday after Obama’s election win. Please post this and inform others about it. I never, ever thought this would happen in the church I was attending, but thankfully, we were informed enough to leave this church,” he concludes.

The document cites Romans 13 verses 1-4 and claims that the following “paraphrases” can be interpreted from the bible.

– Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God. (v 1)

– Christians should lead the way in supporting Barack Obama’s presidency. (v 2)

– Barack Obama’s presidency can be a force for good and a deterrent against evil. (v 3)

– As president, Barack Obama is God’s minister to you for good. (v 4)

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Russian Scholar Says U.S. Will Collapse Next Year

MOSCOW —  If you’re inclined to believe Igor Panarin, and the Kremlin wouldn’t mind if you did, then President Barack Obama will order martial law this year, the U.S. will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order.

Panarin might be easy to ignore but for the fact that he is a dean at the Foreign Ministry’s school for future diplomats and a regular on Russia’s state-guided TV channels. And his predictions fit into the anti-American story line of the Kremlin leadership.

“There is a high probability that the collapse of the United States will occur by 2010,” Panarin told dozens of students, professors and diplomats Tuesday at the Diplomatic Academy — a lecture the ministry pointedly invited The Associated Press and other foreign media to attend.

The prediction from Panarin, a former spokesman for Russia’s Federal Space Agency and reportedly an ex-KGB analyst, meshes with the negative view of the U.S. that has been flowing from the Kremlin in recent years, in particular from Vladimir Putin.

Putin, the former president who is now prime minister, has likened the United States to Nazi Germany’s Third Reich and blames Washington for the global financial crisis that has pounded the Russian economy.

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