Ones Without a Voice

I was talking with someone today and they mentioned how people feel like they don’t have a way to voice their opinions and views. That got me thinking through out the day that maybe they are correct to their perspective. We vote, yet nothing happens. We speak out against the powers that be, yet their actions stay on the same path even after the lies of change. It makes sense to me that many people in our society are having major depression and sever anxiety attacks. People are loosing money in their 401k, the stock market is on a collision course with plummeting this country in a huge recession, counrties are waging war, and many are loosing their homes. I too feel these burdens and at times catch myself looking at the future in despair, yet I am encouraged because I know the one who is in control.

I want to encourage you and let you know that there is someone out there listening and keeping up with your problems and needs. When you feel like all things are lost, keep your eyes off the ground and point them at the sky. Thank Him because He will restore it all. Remember that you do have a voice!


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