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Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply With Demands

What would you do if you received a threatening letter from your child’s school, demanding that you take your youngster to a medical doctor and dentist at the whims of the school administrators, or risk being reported to the child welfare authorities?

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ICD 9: International Medical Coding and “Legal” Execution Brought Under Obamacare

Code ICD 9 E 978 should make you very nervous.  This code was added to Obamacare.  Please do your research into these matters.  People will tell you that its not a big deal.  If that’s true, why is the government adding these to our laws?  It must be a big deal to them!

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Uncle Sam Guillotine

Demons Masquerading As Dead People, Spirit Guides And Extra Terrestrials (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Mediums are known as spirit guides, connecting a loved one with someone that has passed over, died, carrying messages and some are scarily accurate, but in the video below, as shown in the headline taken directly from the title of the video, which asserts that some spirit guides, dead people they talk to, and extra terrestrials, are demons masquerading as all of the above.

It is a long video but extremely interesting as they pull you into the stories, show you the skeptics that become believers, but are they believing the demonic lies?

Shocking perversion of Romans 13 claims that pro-abortion Obama is “God’s minister”

Church Document Encourages Congregation To Obey Government 040309top

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A shocking document has come to light from a church in Ohio which educates its congregation that Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God and that Obama himself is “God’s minister,” in another perversion of Romans 13, the bible verse cited as an excuse for Christians not to oppose tyranny.

Ohio District Superintendent Rev. John Wooton was responsible for distributing the pamphlet, which was handed out at the Assembly of God church in Ohio, according to a reader who forwarded the document to us. Click here for the PDF file.

“This was handed out at the Assembly of God church that my fiance and I used to attend. We immediately stopped attending after getting this flier about ’submitting to Obama and the government,’ states the reader.

“The pastor even brought children to the front of the church, encouraging them to submit to teachers, firemen, and the police. It was insane.”

“I confronted the pastor about his stance on Romans 13, a year prior, and he assured me that he would never sell out his church. This sermon was given on the immediate Sunday after Obama’s election win. Please post this and inform others about it. I never, ever thought this would happen in the church I was attending, but thankfully, we were informed enough to leave this church,” he concludes.

The document cites Romans 13 verses 1-4 and claims that the following “paraphrases” can be interpreted from the bible.

– Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God. (v 1)

– Christians should lead the way in supporting Barack Obama’s presidency. (v 2)

– Barack Obama’s presidency can be a force for good and a deterrent against evil. (v 3)

– As president, Barack Obama is God’s minister to you for good. (v 4)

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