For Party or Country

When we are born into this world we have no decision to which country we are raised in. For those of us that are born in the land of the free, it takes us many years to realize how blessed we truly are. Through that process we aren’t thinking about being a Republican or Democrat because there is no understanding of the differences. What is important to us though is Country! In our adolescent minds we have the common sense to grasp what it means to love this land. If someone were to tell me at age 10 that both political parties were slowly destroying the USA, I would say that someone needs to fix those problems or destroy the parties. Apparently many people have lost that passion for this country and only stand for their parties views no matter how corrupt they may be. I saw a women getting interviewed on the Bill O’Reilly show that said she would never switch parties no matter what. No matter what? Really? Even if they were taking away all of your liberties and freedoms, you would still stand by that parties side? Was this country really found for a certain party or was it found for the people? I am a republican and love this country and everything that it stands for, but I would rather my party burn to the ground then let some man take away what many have fought and died for. Wake up America! We have become a weak people curled in fetal position on the side of a highway, while Hollywood, the Media and Political honchos fly past us. They aren’t stopping to help, so we need to help each other! I believe this country was found on Divine Principles and that I am blessed to breath its air. With this freedom we must stand up from the side of the road and walk ourselves back to where we once were. Dont forget who you are America. You have had a nice nap, now its time to wake up and get to work.


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